Terms and conditions

  1. Term and Conditions of Trade

Essential properties of goods, prices, including all taxes and other charges, and information on modes of payment and delivery become effective at the moment of the final order confirmation. The date of the delivery deadline becomes effective at the moment of the final confirmation. In case of an eventual change of the delivery deadline you will receive a notification email in time.

The product price and the costs of postage are evident from the shopping basket before the order is concluded. Moreover, at the time your order is placed, you will receive all information on your on-line order to the email address which you entered in the shopping basket together with all other data. If you do not receive the information, you may have entered the wrong email address. In this case, please contact us at: info@durie.eu.

  1. Final order confirmation

The order is finally confirmed and concluded when the information on the order having been confirmed in the on-line shop is sent to your email address.

  1. Changes subsequent to the placement of the order

All requested changes referring to the placed order can be emailed for a period of 24 hours after the order was placed as a response to the email containing the order confirmation. After 24 hours the order is considered confirmed and will be passed on to the process of delivery.

  1. Information on delivery

The items on stock will be delivered within 3 to 10 working days after the confirmation of your order. The shipments can be delivered by the following postal service suppliers:

  • Post of Slovenia

The postage will be charged according to the parcel weight and the chosen method of delivery. The Post of Slovenia charges a postal fee at the receipt of the COD items for collecting the payment and sending it to the sender according to their current price list. The COD fee is not included in the prices of the ordered products.

If the ordered products cannot be delivered in the foreseen time period, you will be informed about it. In order to send the notification the contact information which you listed at placing the order will be used.

In case of delivery by the Post of Slovenia the payment is to be made in your local post office on taking over the ordered product.

  1. Payment of the ordered items

For the ordered items the following modes of payment are possible:

– Credit Сard (Mastercard, Visa, American Express)

– Paypal

Payment by PayPal:

When you select PayPal as your payment method you will be automatically transferred to the Paypal site. If you have an existing PayPal account, you can log in using your user data to confirm the payment.

If you do not have a PayPal account, you can sign up for one and proceed with the payment.

Refunds from returns will be booked onto the registered PayPal account.

Discounts & Promotion Codes

If you have a promotion code, please enter it in the shopping bag page in the Promotion code field and click on Apply.

Please check the expiry date of your promotion code before using it.

You cannot use more than one promotion code for the same purchase.

  1. Identification of customers at the receipt of goods

The supplier or its authorised delivery service reserves the right to ascertain the identity of the receiver of the goods (by checking the identification or other documents) to assure for the ordered goods to be handed over to the right customer.

  1. Return of goods

The consumer has the right to notify the company of his withdrawal from the contract without naming a reason for his decision, if the deadline of 15 days is being adhered to. The deadline is regarded as being adhered to if the notification letter was posted before the deadline expired. We do not accept COD shipments. The goods must be returned to the company 30 days after the notification of withdrawal at the latest. The goods must be undamaged and sent in their original packing, the quantity of goods being unchanged.

In case of the return of goods, please notify us of your decision in writing beforehand. Request for the return of the ordered product are to be mailed to the address:

DURIE, Aleksandra Djurić s.p.

Goriška cesta 43



The purchase amount will be reimbursed in 30 days at the latest by means of a postal transfer or to your bank account. For this reason your bank account number is to be specified in your request. For additional information on the procedure for returning goods please contacts us by e-mail: info@durie.eu Besides the above listed, also the exchange of goods is possible.