Durié sunglasses is a French fashion brand, established in 2017 by the extraordinary Dushka Durie. Her path as illustrator and unstopping will of creation brought her to an idea of creating the sunglasses brand for dynamic, chic, modern people, who enjoy life with a big smile on the face and Durié on the eyes!


Durié is a brand established in Paris in the Boulevard Beaumarchais area in 2017, and from 2019 based in Slovenia.

Founded on the boarder with the historic area of Paris Le Marais and a young trendy neighbourhood. Durié influenced by the inspiration of its surrounding. The fast - moving and living spirit of Paris, its cultural diversity is influenced all Durié collections.


One and the only designs of Durié sunglasses represents the perfect combination of quality and creativity. All sunglasses are developed and created only with carefully selected high-quality materials under the watchful eye of trusted and professional craftsmen. The unique designs and patterns are developed by Dushka Durié herself. The passion of implementation of illustrations and desire of creating unique designs gave birth to all creatures of Durié sunglasses. Chic and elegant, eclectic and bizarre, stylish and modern - each pair comes with fashion tendencies. The designs fit everyone and can satisfy every picky taste. Be stylish, chic, retro and classic in one. With Durié you will surely stand out from the crowd.